Accounting/ Business Software Conversion & Installation

Ee & Associates provides experience and knowledge to improve business processes for those in Mining, Construction, Trades and Service industries. 

Roger’s decades of experience with accounting and business practices uses integrated software solutions to provide valuable data enabling strategic decisions for: 

  • Management Strategies 
  • Project Costing, Job costing and analysis 
  • Project Management
  • Project Cashflow and profitability
  • Office administration processes 

Axiapac is the software solution which provides the data to allow management to make informed decisions.

It is a fully integrated job costing accounting system which provides real time access to the job profitability and gross margin of the business, ideally suited to managing businesses preferably with at least five employees in the trades and construction industry.

For businesses seeking to enhance their job profitability, Roger is keen to assist with conversion from the current system, full implementation of Axiapac and ongoing monthly job/project profitability analysis.

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